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“After All, Adventure Awaits!”

August 2, 2017

Obviously, the best part of being a camp counselor is being at camp with the kids. I always tell the kids we have no fun without them. And while it is true that the campers are the highlight of our summer, we do manage to entertain ourselves on the days they are gone. We get about 3 weekends to ourselves during the summer and we are sure to make the most of them bonding as a staff.

One of those weekends happened while I was at Wesley Acres. The group of us that were there went in to Valley City to go thrifting, one of our favorite pastimes, and exploring the Barnes County Museum for hours. We like to go on adventures like to the World’s Largest Steele Crane in Steele, Salem Sue, and the Buffalo in Jamestown. On our weekends out at Heartbutte we often drive to Bismarck to get lunch, go thrifting and to Target.

We just had our last weekend out at camp and it was one for the books. We went into Bismarck Friday to go to Space Aliens and of course, thrift stores. We got some sick cups to keep out at camp. Saturday Bailey, Lexie, and I woke up early to hike Heartbutte for a second time, and then we explored an old Catholic church in the area, which was surprisingly unlocked and incredibly beautiful. We like to spend our days on the lake, and enjoyed the beautiful weather and a break from the blue green algae. We like to kayak, play volleyball, and watch The Office.

Sunday we stopped back at the old church on our way back from church to show Preston and Carter, and got to ring the church bells. We cooked brunch together when we got back and captured a toad which I named Preston Jr. We hung out at the lake for a while and kayaked some more. Heather, Bailey, Mikaylah and I went over to the Heartbutte Reservoir to explore and take some cute pictures. When we got back, we all brought mattresses into the main building and watched scary movies. We made sure to take an intermission to watch the sunset together. I ended the night stargazing with Lexie on the basketball court.

Being a camp counselor is surely about being with the campers. All of us on staff look forward to camp starting each week and dread them leaving at the end. But that doesn’t stop us from making the most of our time off to bond as a staff and make memories that last a lifetime. After all, adventure awaits.

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