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Only Complaint This Camp: It Was too Short

July 10, 2017

Being a Junior Camp Director I don’t often get to work as many senior camps as other staff, but this year I was assigned to three. The first senior camp I worked this summer was our second senior camp, for grades 7-9 at Wesley Acres Camp. It is only our second year having senior campers at Wesley, and although it is our smallest senior camp, it is one of the most fun in my opinion.

The junior campers are always begging to do the zipline out at Wesley. Due to safety and time restraints, we don’t take our junior campers ziplining. That just gives them one more incentive to continue to senior camp. Now that we added a senior camp at Wesley, it offers us the opportunity to take our kids ziplining, which is always a highlight for staff and campers. Check out the Farmers Union Facebook page for pictures and videos from our adventure.

Another reason I like senior 2 is that having a smaller group allows you to really get to know each other, which is something a lot of the kids mentioned was their favorite part of camp. We tend to do things a little differently with groups that size, for example we skipped the dance one night to watch Moana (great movie, would recommend). Less kids means they get to know each other more, and we get to know them more.

One thing that was really special for me was seeing some of my junior campers from last year get to come to their first senior camp. Senior camp is one day longer, has two theme nights instead of one, and has sports tournaments, which included the new addition of a water chugging contest (let’s stay hydrated). That extra day allows us to do a lot of fun stuff and create more memories. Even with camp being a day longer now that she was a senior camper, one of my girls was so sad to leave and told me to make camp longer next summer. I asked how long she thinks camp should be and she suggested a month. If that doesn’t show how much she loves camp I don’t know what would. Another camper told me he can’t wait to be a counselor someday, and that I can expect to see him as a junior counselor next year. There’s not much better than seeing kids as passionate about Farmers Union as I am.

However, my absolute favorite thing to see at camp is friendships being formed. And during senior two, I got to watch that happen a lot. Just from the beginning of the week to the end of the week I saw kids who didn’t know each other become super close, which of course reminds me of all the friends I have made at camp. My favorite friendship to watch was between two campers who were at senior 2 last year. I remember them meeting last summer, so to see them come back and be basically inseparable was really cool. It was a boy and a girl, and so many things they did reminded me of how one of my friends and I used to be when we went to camp. We too met at camp one year, became close over the school year, and were really close for the remaining years we went to camp and then for a few years in college. I loved watching the campers interact because it brought back fond memories of my friend. It makes me excited to know my campers are forming friendships that will help them get through good times and bad, create memories, and keep them coming to camp.

I loved seeing the campers of senior 2 grow in friendship and leadership and make memories throughout the week. If you haven’t been to our Wesley Acres site, I recommend you come check it out. To the campers of senior 2, thank you for the fun, and see you next year!

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