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“You make camp feel like home.”

June 26, 2017

“I love being here, you and Emily make camp feel like home. You’re like my big sisters,” Savanna told me the second day of camp. A returning camper from last year, Savanna and I bonded over our shared love for the endangered vaquita porpoise, as well as pillow pets and giraffes. Her words warmed my heart. I view my campers as little sisters, so to hear that at least one of them thinks of me as a big sister was so touching.

When the campers of our second camp at Wesley Acres arrived, I was happy to see how many of them I recognized. Some of them I even had for the last two years. A lot of these campers hold a special place in my heart. I don’t have favorites, but if I did some of those girls would be in the running. Not only are the kids from LaMoure, Dickey, and Stutsman county fun, but they are also respectful, kind, interesting, and caring.

One of those kids is Gracie. You can tell from the way her and her sister act and talk that they are being raised well. Neither of them have social media or use make-up, and they don’t have cell phones. I can respect that, parents who let their kids be kids. Gracie is easy to talk to, very likeable, and smart. She followed me around for most of the camp and I didn’t get annoyed with her once. I truly enjoyed hanging out with her, especially chilling with her and the other girls on the swings singing along to country music cuddled in blankets.

Aside from the great kids at this camp, we also had a 10/10 week because of the amazing people on staff this summer. I always think we are funny, but this camp we were really on the top of our humor game. When I walked in for roll call the first day, Preston had left a plunger that he found in a prop closet on stage. The kids asked me what was up, I answered the first thing that came to mind. “This…this is Preston’s girlfriend,” I said. Thus began a week full of amazing jokes about Preston dating a plunger. The joke from the previous camp about Heather eating her boogers resurfaced, which also is comedy gold. Add in ridiculous banquet decorations, hilarious bonfire skits, and a top-notch talent show, and we spent a large majority of our time laughing.

It’s camps like Wesley 2 that remind me why I love my job: the jokes, my co-workers, and most importantly, the kids. It’s camps like this that have brought me back three years in a row. It’s camps like this that create the memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

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