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Campers Teaching Staff Valuable Lessons

June 22, 2017

Sometimes at camp, the roles get reversed and campers teach us things. At Wesley Acres Junior Camp 1, one of our campers, Paul, taught all the boy counselors a valuable lesson, and that is how to be an absolute gentleman and ladies’ man.

Paul came up to Preston and me while we were selling camp sales and asked to buy an $18 Farmers Union Camp blanket. I said no, because he only had $13 left. Turns out he wanted to buy it for the girl he likes to ask her to banquet, and he was really bummed. Preston and I told him to buy a beach ball and a sharpie instead and ask her to banquet by writing on the beach ball. He thought it was a good idea and went for it.

Now when we gave him this idea we imagined he’d just write “Will you go to banquet with me?” on it. But Paul is a real romantic. “I love you. You’re the best. Will you go to banquet with me? Please. Take me into your loving arms and kiss me under the light of a thousand stars.”

Wow. How can you say no to that?

So of course, she said yes. Banquet rolls around and we look out our cabin window and there Paul is, waiting for his date to come out. 20 minutes later he’s still out there waiting while we are getting ready. One of the girls went out there and asked if she should tell his date to hurry up. “No,” he replies, “she can take her time.” WOW WHAT. WHO RAISED THIS YOUNG MAN.

His date finally comes out, he walks over to her, and puts his arm out to escort her to the main building. We played “Thinking Out Loud” for them that night and they slow danced together. SO CUTE.

So, to Paul and the rest of the Wesley Acres campers, thank you for everything you taught us, and thanks for the reminder about the beauty of young love. What a cute way to start our summer at Wesley Acres.

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