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First Camp is Going to be Hard to Beat!

June 19, 2017

We knew we would like the campers at our first camp of the year when 4:00pm rolled around the first day and no one was there yet. After a summer of kids arriving way earlier than we were ready last summer, it was refreshing for kids to not show up an hour before registration. And once they got there, they did not disappoint. The campers of Heartbutte 1 were funny, energetic, and outgoing. Our camper quote sheet that we have at each camp quickly was filled with funny things the kids said to us throughout the week.

From the moment they got up in the morning until they went to bed at night, the kids kept us entertained but were also incredibly respectful. I couldn’t imagine a better group of kids to start the summer with. The best part of having well-behaved campers is that we get to do more fun things. I’m not sure if any other group of girls would be able to pull off the prank we did, cause I’ve never had that many girls stay quiet long enough to hide in the boys’ dorm and scare them when they came in after campfire.

One of my favorite parts of camp is girl time in the dorm. I love hearing the girls’ fun stories, answering their questions, and reminiscing on the day. My favorite question is to ask who the cute boys are at camp. Winning my heart once more, these girls were uninterested in boys and were much more interested in talking about food. My kind of girls.

I think the memory that will last with me from this camp with be the fun we had yelling things back and forth with the kids. I’m not sure how it started, but throughout the week every time a counselor said “Lucas!” the kids yelled “Stinks!” “Lorenzo!” “Rocks!” “Preston’s!” “Cheap!” (we still aren’t sure how they came up with that reply), and my personal favorite, “Don’t!” “Drop that thun thun thun!”

So to the campers of Heartbutte 1, thank you for the fun, the girl talk, the memories, and most of all, an amazing start to the summer.

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