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We’re Back! And Adventure Awaits

June 13, 2017

Summer’s here and you know what that means: Farmers Union Camp is starting soon. Yesterday, actually. And I’m back, blogging live from Heartbutte. Quick intro, in case it’s your first time here, it’s been too long, or you just never really knew who wrote these things. My name is Lauren Vetter, and I’m a third year summer staffer for North Dakota Farmers Union. This will be my second year as director of camps at our Wesley Acres site. I grew up in the camping program, going to camp since 3rd grade. My sisters, cousins, parents, aunts and uncles, and even grandparents went to camp once upon a time as well. I grew up in Fargo, ND, and currently live in Grand Forks where I attend the University of North Dakota (go Hawks) for Communications and Nonprofit Administration. I’ll be a senior in the fall.

The last week and a half summer staff has been out at Heartbutte getting ready for camp. We have been getting to know each other, work together as a team, and create friendships that will last a lifetime. Along with that we’ve been preparing the camp site, planning project and theme nights, and teaching the first years the ropes. We’ve got a great staff this year, with Adam and Lucas back as directors, Macey, Rachel, Bailey and Mikey returning to be our assistant directors, Alex and Abby directing the SYAC, Carter, Lexie, and David are back on staff, and our new staffers Heather, Emily, Mikaylah, Preston, Tanner, Daniel, and Lorenzo. Jay and Evelyn are back in the kitchen, and Kaycee is back to be caretaker with her new assistant Tim.

We’ve gotten a lot of things done but it hasn’t all been hard work. One tradition we have here at camp is that the graduating campers get to throw magic dust into the campfire. We get this dust from Heartbutte, a local landmark that gave our campsite its name. We’ve been using an old stash for a while, and last year we used it up. That only meant one thing: we had to climb Heartbutte. So on a sunny Monday morning we hopped in our cars and headed over, set with fanny packs of sunscreen, bags for the dust, and plenty of water.

It’s a steeper climb than you think, but according to Carter who filmed it, it took us about 12 minutes. Once we were up there we took a few minutes to enjoy the view, and then took some pictures. After that the directors did what we came there to do: collect the dust. Don’t worry campers, we got plenty for the whole summer.

I am so excited for this summer. I’ll be working our first junior camp at Heartbutte, as well as all the junior camps at Wesley, and senior camps 2, 4, and 5. Stay tuned for more stories from camp, and I can’t wait to see you all here. Adventure awaits 🙂

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